Collective Intelligence Facilitation

I work as an activator of processes and facilitate the intelligence emerging from collective efforts. The inherent value of an individual, the collective intelligence of the group, cooperation, choice and consensus are all values that underlie facilitation. As facilitator my job is to make the collective intelligence process easier, and to help individuals, teams and organisations find more efficient and effective solutions.

Some examples of where I could be of help to you are in the following scenarios:

  • I am the director of an organisation and would like to take some time with my team to revise the strategy and the structure to see whether they are still relevant and ensure staff contribution and engagement.
  • I am a coordinator developing a project for which I would like to ensure the full involvement of my team.
  • I am a donor/international partner organisation and would like to develop country or partners’ strategies involving the right stakeholders in the process.
  • I work in an office and would like to receive help to make meetings more effective and lively.
  • I am a manager and would like to propose a context for more team work and cross-portfolios exchanges.
  • I am a project partner and would like to access best practices and lessons learnt of others.

I can offer both onsite and online facilitation support and services.