About You

National NGOs, civil society and social businesses

  • Are you a recipient of funds from national and international donors and would benefit from support in boosting your team’s management capacities?
  • Do you need support in revising your strategy and adapt to new needs and demands?
  • Do you like the idea of becoming a more agile and flexible organisation?
  • Would you like to know how to work in a more collaborative way with your teams and peers, how to use participatory methods appropriately and how to benefit from collective intelligence?

International NGOs and donor organization

  • Do you need to local implementing find partners to work with?
  • Do you need support in strengthening management capacities of HQ or field teams?
  • Do you set up multi-year programs and need help in involving the right stakeholders in the process?
  • Do you need punctual support in designing projects and programs and developing proposals?
  • Do you wish to work with an external facilitator to help you revise your strategy and processes?

At Collab Consulting we can find together the best solutions that meet your organization’s, team’s and individual needs.