Claudia Giampietri – workshop with children and teachers in a School in Drohobych – Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Systemic thinker and freelancer at heart, I created Collab Consulting to support development practitioners in developing inclusive, innovative and tailored solutions. Collaboration, trust and flexibility are important values in my work. I thoroughly enjoy working with local, national and international organizations and donors to help them (re)define their strategies, gain flexibility to encourage relevant actions amidst changing realities on the ground, and achieve meaningful impact.

Collab Consulting assists national and international NGOs, civil society organizations and social businesses by creating a space to think systemically, by strengthening management capacities and team cohesion, and by providing services throughout the whole project cycle.

Collab stands for Collaboration lab, a space created through the interaction with my clients or project partners who embark with me on a journey towards experimentation, learning and change. The Collab is where trust is built, where everyone is heard and where pathways towards change are identified. It is where collective intelligence emerges and individuals and teams come together in a creative process to cooperate to solve problems, find solutions, make sense of complexity, learn, experiment.

The support delivered through my consultancies starts with me listening to understand partners’ needs and observing the ecosystem to identify leverage points. I work to value what exists, and I challenge partners to deliver the best level of quality that they possibly can.

I ensure that partners take the full ownership of interventions and processes and capitalize on the existing energy and opportunities for change.